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Electrical and Plumbing Supplies for Every Project

Just like insulation, plumbing and electrical supplies are critical to the successful completion of a new home build. At Trico Lumber Co., We carry the best supplies that contractors depend on to keep families safe and satisfied. We have three locations in Linden, Jefferson, and Hughes Springs, Texas, so we're close by when you need the right product to finish on time.

Your Plumbing Supply Shop

Prevent disaster by choosing high-quality plumbing supplies. We carry everything you need to properly plumb your home. You'll find plumbing fixtures, toilets, and sinks. We also have a large variety of pipe, such as:

• PEX  • PVC • Copper • Steel • Sewer

Get your Electrical Supplies Here

You'll find all of the supplies necessary to wire up your entire home, including wires, connectors, fixtures, and even extension cords and replacement cords for your appliances. Our wide selection of electrical supplies includes:

• Wires
• Connectors
• Breaker Boxes
• Meter Poles
• Conduits
• Switches
• Light Fixtures

• Ceiling Fans
• Outdoor Lighting
• Light Bulbs
• Extension Cords
• Fittings
• Replacement Cords for Appliances

Light Bulbs